Get On The Map


Imagine being able to see, on a map, who is funding what and where in Oregon and Southwest Washington. 

Members can access the latest data on our region through our Regional Foundation Map, because grantmakers across our region are e-reporting their grants data. The same data from Foundation Center’s Foundation Maps is available to our members, free of charge, on our regional map. This map is provided to our members as part of the campaign to “Get On the Map” which is a national partnership between GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington, Foundation Center, and the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers.

With your help our goal is to boost the quality and availability of fresh, detailed grantmaking data across our region so that we all benefit. 

But, it’s all about participation. Only when our community of funders commits to sharing grants data electronically will this platform reach its full potential. The easiest way to do that is through Foundation Center’s eReporting program. By eReporting, this map will become a powerful source of accurate, up-to-date answers to questions like…

  • Who else is funding a particular issue in our region?
  • What organizations are tackling that issue?
  • Who is working with specific populations in our community?
  • Who may be natural collaborators?
  • Where are there gaps in funding?
  • How much money is collectively serving specific issues or areas in our region? 

Look yourself up and if you don’t find your organization, download the instructions or email to get on the map today!


Vision 2020: Our 5 Strategic Directions

These are the strategic directions for the next five years of GRANTMAKERS:

1. Embed equity in philanthropy throughout our region.

2. Increase investment to rural and tribal communities.

3. Strengthen cross-sector collaborations to address the big issues in our region.

4. Eliminate barriers to nonprofit impact.

5. Develop new and diverse philanthropies.

The graphic to the right symbolizes each one of our strategic directions. They reflect the natural colors, features, and character of the region we call home. The tree icon symbolizes our commitment to embed equity in philanthropy throughout Oregon and southwest Washington. The mountains reflect our commitment to increase investments in rural and tribal communities. The leaf on the wind stands for our ability to strengthen cross-sector collaborations to address big issues in our region. The free-falling raindrop symbolizes our goal to eliminate barriers to nonprofit impact, and the tiny sprout reflects our commitment to develop new and diverse philanthropies. All of these pieces fit together in a cohesive whole that is our Vision 2020.


At our 2015 annual meeting, the GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington Board of Directors was proud to unveil GRANTMAKERS Vision 2020 - our new strategic direction.

This plan is the culmination of work engaging members, community constituents and partners from around the region. During the planning process, over a hundred individuals “leaned in” and provided observations, feedback and new ideas that ultimately shaped the Board of Directors’ work to create Vision 2020.