Affinity Group Spotlight: Asset Funders Network

Information taken from Asset Funders Network website & newsletter

Asset Funders Network (AFN) advances economic opportunity and prosperity for low and moderate income people through philanthropy.

AFN is a community of foundations and grantmakers using philanthropy to alleviate poverty. Since its founding in 2005, AFN has focused on bringing together grant makers passionate about promoting economic opportunity and financial security for all Americans. AFN brings together a diverse group of funders concerned about a common goal. Regardless of whether their grant making targets education or housing, microenterprise or workforce development — if funders are giving away money to reduce poverty and increase individual financial security, AFN is a resource.

From veteran practitioners to newcomers with fresh ideas, AFN provides a safe and neutral forum for candid conversations among peers with similar and opposing views. AFN is also supporting the development of regional networks and affiliates to ensure national activities are grounded in the challenges and work occurring in local communities across the country.

AFN’s Director, Joseph Antolin, made the case that philanthropy’s results reflect the needed solutions for investment: “Philanthropy is leading the way in understanding that poverty is not merely about income and the relationship to the federal poverty line.” Read the full newsletter here.