Affinity Group Spotlight: CHANGE Philanthropy

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CHANGE Philanthropy (formerly known as Joint Affinity Groups) was founded in 1993 to unify identity-focused philanthropic affinity groups into an empowered coalition. Coming together, our seven core partners are working to integrate diversity, inclusion, and social justice into philanthropic practice, transforming the sector’s culture to be one that embraces equity.

“What makes CHANGE Philanthropy unique is our advocacy of community priorities of our partners with an intersectional approach. Each partner organization organizes resources and builds connections and represent the communities that they promote. That lived experience shapes our work every day, giving us a connection to the strengths and assets of different communities as well as to their needs.

“We also provide tools, resources, and connections to the greater philanthropic community, as well as leveraging the knowledge and insight of our wide network within this community. Together, we’re working to raise the level of dialog among funders so that philanthropic dollars are dispersed through equitable practices that take the true concerns of all communities to heart.”

CHANGE Philanthropy recently hosted a webinar on Countering Organized Hate (on September 5, 2017). Learn more about the work they do here.