Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation leverages the power of the GRANTMAKERS network with help from alumna

An interview with Wendy Hawkins, GOSW Alumni Connect member, and Genevieve Martin of Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation

Early in 2017, GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington launched our newest membership category, GOSW Alumni Connect. This category is part of how we fulfill our strategic priority to develop new and diverse philanthropies. We know that grantmakers value learning from their peers, and that regional associations play a vital role in connecting them. This month we take a look at the relationship between Wendy Hawkins, the retired former CEO of Intel Foundation, and Genevieve Martin, the Executive Director of the Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation. The following is an excerpt from that interview.

What has been the most exciting part of how DKB Foundation has grown, and what has been most challenging?

[Genevieve] To see how quickly we’ve become the expert in our work is exciting, humbling and unfortunate all at once. The very nature of our work is challenging. We work directly with employers to encourage and teach them how to employ people with criminal backgrounds. Before we can begin our work with any organization, we first have to challenge and reframe their perceptions about people who commit crimes.

[Wendy] I have always loved the pragmatism, flexibility, and groundedness of the work of corporate philanthropy. Corporations have a broad spectrum of resources to draw on – beyond just cash – when they enter into an endeavor. They like to engage their employees with their expertise in solving real problems. They can tap into the way they deploy their supply chain, their ability to convene, their marketing and communications capabilities, their legal and accounting teams, finance and investment. In recent years I have had the opportunity to work with my peers nationally and internationally in helping to establish standards for the practice of corporate philanthropy and broaden people’s thinking about the full range of the tools available – when you really get down to it, they are practically infinite. It makes corporations far more impactful players in solving major social issues, whether in the local community, nationally or globally, than one might ever have imagined at the beginning of my career.

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This story reflects the Strategic Priority from GRANTMAKERS’ Vision 2020 to develop new and diverse philanthropies.