Equity, Evaluative Thinking and Foundation Practice: Emerging Ideas

The Eliot Center, Buchan Hall 1226 SW Salmon Street Portland
Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Tuesday, June 19, 2018 9:00am-11:00am

Meyer Memorial Trust, in partnership with Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington, invites you to join us for a learning experience on Equitable Evaluation.


Philanthropy uses data collection and evaluation to better understand the impact of our investments and to identify promising and best practices to address issues we fund. But emerging thinking about current “traditional” evaluative practices suggests that foundations are inadvertently perpetuating practices that are actually contrary to their strategic aims and organizational values.

Join Jara Dean-Coffey and Kelly Hannum of Luminare Group for a session to review the concepts of evaluative thinking and equitable evaluation. You will have an opportunity to learn about a set of theories that can be barriers to the adoption of evaluative thinking and evaluation in philanthropy. You will reflect upon your current organizational evaluation practices and the field at large, and begin to explore an emerging set of theories/practices which challenge evaluative thinking and equitable evaluation. 
Jara Dean-Coffey


Jara Dean-Coffey is the fearless and funny founder of Luminare Group and the former founder of jdcPartnerships. She has spent the past 25+ Years working with leaders who hold one thing in common: a commitment to challenging themselves and their organizations to have a transformative impact on the individuals, communities and systems they touch. Jara is passionate about elevating our collective understanding of the relationship between values, context, strategy and evaluation and shifting our practices so that they are more fully in service of stated aims. The Equitable Evaluation Project is one such manifestation of her thinking and vision. She is an Advisor to the Center for Evaluation Innovation and Philamplify, a member of the Steering Committee of National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers, and will serve her first term as an American Evaluation Association Board Member this year.
Kelly Hannum
Kelly Hannum is Luminare Group’s measurement maven. She has spent the past 20+ years understanding how to gather and make sense of information in order to improve impact. And although she can measure anything Kelly knows that what matters most is that what is measured is meaningful, relevant and culturally and contextually appropriate. She has a special focus and interest in leadership development. She leads Luminare Group’s exploration of the ways in which Evaluative Thinking (a type of reflective practice that incorporates use of systematically collected data to inform organizational decisions and other actions), equity and leadership development come together (or don’t) currently funded by WKKellogg Foundation
Kelly is passionate about working collaboratively to clarify intent and measure impact in appropriate and meaningful ways. She sits on the Board of Leadership Learning Community, is a contributing author to close to 60 books/papers on leadership development and evaluation. 

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