Lunch Box Learning Series: Addressing Power Dynamics in Program Evaluation

Thursday, February 28, 2019
Evaluation and monitoring are common to the philanthropic field: nearly every funder requires some kind of information about how their funds are used, and most require information about the outputs and outcomes their investments support.
In what ways might these longstanding practices reinforce inequitable relationships between funders and grantees? How might funders’ evaluation practices be in conflict with donors’ stated values of equity, inclusion, and fairness?
In this session, participants will examine a spectrum of philanthropic approaches to evaluation, and how these approaches can be adjusted to better promote more equitable relationships between funders and grantees. The session will incorporate a variety of interactive and reflective methods, including case studies, small group peer-to-peer consultations, and structured whole group conversations.
Participants will build their own awareness of the ways in which different approaches to evaluation can support more equitable relationships, preview tools to diagnose their own foundations’ evaluation practices and jumpstart their plan to address issues they identify.
Oregon Humanities
921 SW Washington Street, Suite 150
Portland, OR 97205

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