Third Thursday: The Full Cost of Funding Social Change

Eliot Center @ First Unitarian Church, 1226 SW Salmon, Portland OR 97205 || $25 Members, $45 Nonmembers
Thursday, January 18, 2018
Thursday, January 18, 2018, 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM
Sponsored by NW Natural 

Nonprofits are often conceived and developed with remarkable resourcefulness, but the expectation to continue on with unrealistically low administrative and fundraising costs can exact a high price. Many nonprofits are compelled to contort their budgets and skimp on staffing to do their work within funders’ budget structures, ultimately threatening their long-term ability to deliver sustainable social good. The “Full Cost” movement is gaining momentum as funders across the country recognize that a low budget is not a good measure of organizational effectiveness. To manage successful programs, nonprofits must have the capacity to invest in infrastructure and the people at the heart of their work over the long-term.

This session is the beginning of an ongoing dialogue about the need to reassess traditional funding models to address the full costs of nonprofits’ ability to advance important work and achieve shared goals. Presenters will define full cost, provide examples of how funding models have changed, model ways in which grantmakers and grantees can have open conversations about this subject, and evaluate the impact of this approach on the nonprofit, funders, and the community.


  • Angela Hult, President, Wayne D. & Joan E. Kuni Foundation 
  • Kim Thomas, Nonprofit and Philanthropic Consultant
  • Ken Harris, Board of Directors, Social Venture Partners Portland; Partner and Financial Consultant, Greystone Partners, LLC
  • Erin Hubert, CEO, Boys and Girls Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area
  • Tonisha Toler, Community Engagement and Special Initiatives Fellow, The Collins Foundation

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