By Joyce White, Executive Director

It’s an understatement to say that much has happened so far in 2017, both locally and globally, that is testing all of us in the funding community. While there have been moments of despair, much of our work in 2016 enabled the GRANTMAKERS team to weather current and ongoing storms from a position of strength. Moving into a new office – our first independent space – gave us a sense of permanence that also enhanced our performance as a team. Adding new members, hosting our largest regional conference to date, and engaging 1,000 individuals (and 200 speakers) through our programs also strengthened our network and our purpose.

We could not have been in a better place as we entered 2017. The amazing network of funders throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington continues to collaborate and grow, underscoring the importance of GRANTMAKERS’ mission and commitment to our five strategic directions.

Here is how we are building on this important work in the first half of this year, and a peek at what you can expect over the next six months and in 2018.