HIP Resource: Support Victims of Natural Disasters

Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), which has offices in the US and Mexico, has a page on their site dedicated to resources for those seeking to support victims of recent natural disasters. The site makes it easy to donate to help survivors, with the following message: 

“Over the last few weeks our communities have been devastated by two earthquakes and two hurricanes. Tens of thousands of people in Mexico, the Caribbean, Florida, and Texas are struggling to survive and rebuild.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our familia—those who are recovering, and those who have just been hit.

“In times like these, the comunidad Latina—and our friends and neighbors—must come together to show our support, and to help each other rebuild. Please consider donating to one of our emergency relief funds for the victims of the earthquakes in Mexico and Hurricanes MariaHarvey, and Irma. All donations will go directly to local organizations working on relief efforts on the ground.”