Independent Journalism & Investigative Reporting Livestream Now Available

In case you missed last month’s program on Independent Media and Investigative Reporting, you can still watch the livestream recording!  We asked our speakers for their final thoughts/ key takeaways from the program. Here are some of their responses.

Lee Van Der Voo: 

It was really interesting to hear how journalism fits with funders’ goals and to do that in a low-pressure setting. Too often I think we have these conversations only when a grant is at stake, and that makes it tough to get to broader discussion about the role journalism ought to play in our communities and in democracy. This program enabled all of us to start to see the shared interests that are at the intersection of philanthropy and journalism.

Emily Harris: 

I come from a national news organization with a long track record of journalism with impact. We earn, gratefully, a strong financial support from foundations…based a lot, I think, on their belief that accurate information, relevant to people’s lives, feeds strong community engagement and positive change. It was so helpful and interesting to understand both the questions and interest grantmakers here have in supporting communities through information. Lots more to discuss!