Leadership opportunities at GRANTMAKERS

Fall is our season of planning; as we look forward to what 2018 might be, we invite interested members to join a committee; help contribute to and ensure a strong and successful leadership transition for GRANTMAKERS as Joyce White retires and we welcome a new leader. 


  • 2018 Conference Committee – As our most broadly-attended event, the biennial conference is our primary opportunity to “go big.” Anyone who is interested in shaping the theme and content of GRANTMAKERS’ next conference should join this committee. 
  • Program Committee – This is an ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to architect the educational experiences of funders in our region.
  • For those who prefer to serve in a different capacity, our Governance CommitteeFinance Committee, and Membership Committee are also great ways to make your mark on the network.

Do not let geographic distance prevent you from joining. We have a videoconference system for remote participation.Now is the time to let us know how you would like to lead!