Life is better with teeth: Five years later, funders continue working together to improve oral health

Imagine being a Kindergartner and choosing not to eat carrots because they make your mouth hurt. 
Imagine losing your front teeth and trying to get a job.  You want dentures, but can’t afford the bills.

Imagine enrolling in Medicare, living on Social Security, and realizing you no longer have dental insurance.

These situations face too many residents in our region and keep us motivated to achieve our vision, outstanding oral health for all. 

The Oral Health Funders Collaborative formally organized in September 2011.  After five years, we are proud of the relationships we’ve built and the projects we have launched, supported and funded.  We focus on improving oral health across the lifespan.  Our projects reflect our commitment to support prevention, direct services, research and policies that will improve oral health for all.  Here’s what we have done most recently:

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