Reflections on Funding Forward 2017: what we learned at the Funders for LGBTQ Issues conference

Funders for LGBTQ Issues held their annual conference in Seattle, WA, in late March. Several members of GRANTMAKERS attended, including Carol Cheney from Meyer Memorial Trust, Travis Ward and Melissa Hansen from The Oregon Community Foundation, Katie Carter from Pride Foundation, and Colin Jones of The Collins Foundation. I (Rhiannon) was also able to attend thanks to the generosity of Carol Cheney, Sally Yee, and Meyer Memorial Trust. We asked our members to reflect on what they learned at the conference and can share with others. Their responses are attached HERE.

Our Member Briefing, LGBTQ Communities & the 2017 Funding Landscape, recapped some of the important information shared at the conference, and covered additional ground that applies directly to Oregon and Southwest Washington’s landscape.┬áIf you weren’t able to attend but would like the resources we shared, email us at