Our Mission

The mission of the Hoover Family Foundation is based on the community interests and volunteer involvement of the founders and major funders. The family believes that private sector groups can help the growth of individuals through values-infused education and human service support activities. Furthermore we believe that improving an individual’s capabilities and circumstances is possible at any age.

The purpose of the funding is to provide direct services to individuals by supporting non-profit agencies’ efforts. These agencies also may need support to aid them in providing these services, or to improve their own functioning.

The foundation board and staff have worked with grantmakers and grantseekers, both local and national, to improve the effectiveness of their own and other’s philanthropic activities. All of the principles of the foundation are involved in building meaningful relationships with grantee organizations. Through our involvement we strive to increase community accomplishments and benefit.

The primary purposes of the charitable giving by the foundation are:

Typically, the grants are awarded for educational programs, social service programs and programs that provide assistance in both of these areas. Grants are based on individual program type, not any organizational type.  Many types of organizations receive support. Human services, mental health, arts, youth and education were the most frequent recipients.

We are pleased to provide this Web site describing the foundation’s contributions and financial information to our partner organizations, and in doing so we note with great pleasure the successes that they have achieved.