Trends in Northwest Giving report released

Our peers to the north, Philanthropy Northwest, recently released a report, Trends in Northwest Giving, in partnership with The Foundation Center. The report highlights include the overall growth of giving in the northwest, the importance of place-based giving, and the trend towards grantmaking for capacity building, technical support, evaluation, general operating support, and other non-project based costs. 

Last year, GRANTMAKERS published a one-page snapshot of Oregon giving trends, which found that education and human services are the highest priority for Oregon funders. Trends in Northwest Giving shows that over the entire Pacific Northwest, education is the largest area of grant dollars allocation. However, while human services is #2 in Oregon, over the entire region it ranks third, and while health is sixth in Oregon, it jumps to second for the region overall. We also found during our research for Grantmaking for the 21st Century that tribal funders have a huge impact on overall giving in Oregon, representing .5% of total funders but 2% of total funding (not including funding done within their own tribes). Trends in Northwest Giving reiterated the significance of tribal giving, demonstrating that “funding to the Northwest was nearly five times more likely than grantmaking nationwide to support Native activities, issues and communities.”

Read the full report here : Trends in Northwest Giving.