Two opportunities to learn about how funders can advance equity

This fall, GRANTMAKERS is offering two workshops focused on advancing equity and creating the positive future we all want. On September 28, Shyaam Subramanian of the Alliance for Justice, a Berkeley-trained lawyer and nonprofit advocacy expert, will share with us the rules about advocacy and what foundations are allowed to fund at Investing in Change: Foundation Support for Advocacy and Civic Engagement

“Mass mobilization to resist the flood of bigotry triggered by the results of the election is necessary, but unless we address the underlying inequities that make the case for the white nationalist and the Trumpist who believe some of us are less than, a burden, and disposable, we will always be vulnerable to these anti-democratic and bigoted forces. We need both/and strategies that combine direct action and advocacy,” said Scot Nakagawa of ChangeLab, our keynote speaker at the October event.

Equity in Philanthropy: Acting in an Era of Uncertainty, on October 19, will be a full-day workshop about engaging with equity work in the context of today’s changing social climate: both as individuals and as organizations. In the morning, Scot will ground us in the context of our region’s past and present struggles with racism, white nationalist movements, and efforts around diversity, equity, and inclusion. The day will also include breakout sessions, a lunchtime panel, and opportunities to debrief and discuss with fellow participants. 

Both events have limited space available, so don’t delay to register. Please let us know if you need to cancel as soon as you know. Visit to sign up.