GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington is dedicated to supporting the work of funders throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. Members have access to the latest tools, resources, and learning opportunities that assist them in supporting and funding a broad-range of issues in our region. Most importantly, GRANTMAKERS is a welcoming philanthropic community that is committed to learning, sharing and growing together


Tools and Resources

Whether our members are working within a small family foundation, a large public foundation, a corporate giving program or are engaged in philanthropy as individuals, having the most current tools and resources for funders is critical. GRANTMAKERS supports our members by tracking and sharing information on best practices in the field, equity-based funding, and the latest data about community needs. We offer personalized members services such as coaching, peer guidance, and solution support. Additionally, members also have access to The Resource Connector, an easy to navigate grantmaking that helps funders connect with a broad pool of potential grantees.

Learning Programs

GRANTMAKERS provides comprehensive learning programs for practitioners at all levels in philanthropy. We offer courses that focus on the basics and fundamentals of grantmaking, such as understanding nonprofit financials and the legal components of grantmaking. GRANTMAKERS also provides interesting learning events that inform its members about trends in our sector such as Trust-based Philanthropy and partnering with nonprofits; we provide our members with engaging discussions with experts in and around the field; and as a part of our commitment to peer learning, members are encouraged to share their best thinking with their colleagues.

Partnership and Collaboration

Bringing members together in partnership and collaboration is an important benefit of membership that GRANTMAKERS prides itself on. We value the impact that our members make in communities and we believe that they are even more effective when they have an opportunity to work together. GRANTMAKERS members have collaborated as advocates for shared interests such as programs for older adults; they have joined forces to highlight important issues like the engaging with the U.S. Census; and they continue to work together to help build stronger DEI programs throughout the sector.


In order for powerful partnerships to emerge, members of GRANTMAKERS need multiple avenues to create connections. GRANTMAKERS provides a regular newsletter that helps our members share their news. We also offer member gatherings via our socials and peer learning cohorts. GRANTMAKERS also hosts a conference every other year where members have the opportunity to connect and learn from one another. Conference topics are relevant to the field and encourage members to engage in meaningful dialogue about funding priorities and impact.