Corporate Exchange

The GOSW Corporate Exchange, formally known as the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC), is a membership-based coalition of business professionals who are focused on corporate community engagement. The GOSW Corporate Exchange provides a space for best practice sharing, professional development and social networking. In addition, the GOSW Corporate Exchange offers participants quarterly meetings on relevant corporate community engagement topics including: employee engagement, board service, employee giving campaigns, successful partnerships and effective communications and corporate philanthropy.

Prior programs include:


  • Engaging Employees in Giving
  • Strategic Partnerships with Nonprofits
  • ROI of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Communicating Value and Impact of CSR Work
  • Volunteering in Oregon: Strengths and Challenges Across Sectors
  • Workplace Giving Campaigns: What’s Working and What Isn’t?
  • Nonprofit Trends for Corporate Engagement Professionals


The greatest benefit to becoming a members of GOSW’s Corporate Exchange is joining a community dedicated to learning, sharing, and leadership in philanthropy. This benefit is underscored by a focus and commitment to the people, organizations, and communities across Oregon and southwest Washington.

Membership is for individuals only and not organizations. Membership is not interchangeable and is only associated with the individual who signed up. If you have more than one individual in your organization who wish to sign up for membership, we encourage you to apply for GOSW’s Full Membership which gives your entire team access to all GOSW benefits. If you choose to enroll your organization in GOSW’s Full Membership after you have already enrolled an individual in the Corporate Exchange program, the $400 dues will apply towards your full membership fees.

Conversation, Collaboration & Shared Resources



GRANTMAKERS is a member-directed organization. The strength of our organization lies in the involvement and commitment of our membership. There are opportunities for involvement in each aspect of the organization from coordinating a monthly program to participating in discussions about good governance. Specifically, members can increase their involvement in the GRANTMAKERS’ community through committees & board service, learning exhanges, and affinity groups.



Our members value the time they spend together. GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington honors this by offering a series of dynamic programs, workshops, and events that address community issues, explore solutions, celebrate successes, and outline best practices.



GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington strives to provide resources that are comprehensive, accessible and dynamic. We have an extensive online resource section and a robust in-house library of philanthropic resources. We offer valuable connections to national philanthropic organizations and our membership includes over 100 organizations – nearly 600 individual members – each with their own unique grantmaking experiences.

Personalized Member Services


Comprehensive On-site Library

Our offices house a vast and varied library that includes up-to-date information on: foundation management, grantmaking, funding areas and philanthropy, as well as, industry publications and reports. Materials are available to all members to browse and borrow or materials can be identified by GRANTMAKERS’ staff to suit a member’s specific need or interest. From current industry salary & benefits figures to information on funding disaster relief, if a member requests it, we will find it!


Peer Mentoring

Members are pleased to act as mentors to new grantmakers. There is no formal structure to this service; rather, the grantmaker and the mentor continue to work together for as long as it is mutually beneficial. Members are also willing to act as resources in particular areas of expertise and share best practices. Let us know if you would like to mentor or be mentored.



Corporate Exchange Membership Application

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