Climate for the Curious Funder

Thursday, October 27, 2022

News about the climate crisis and its negative impacts has become more common and sometimes feels overwhelming. Many of us don’t see our organizations as climate funders or feel like climate change issues and strategies are separate from what we focus on. But climate change connects with everything we do from education to health, safety, addressing disparities and poverty and more. Climate change is already affecting the impact of your investments in the communities and issues you support.

While the challenge is great, there are strategies right now that funders can easily consider to help address climate change and protect communities often within your current funding model.

This gathering is for GOSW members who are “climate curious” as well as those already funding in the climate space. We’ll hear from community leaders working across the state who will explain some primary climate change and climate justice strategy areas and discuss how these may intersect with what you fund.

Cost: Members $0 / Nonmmembers $25

This program is open to members and nonmembers. If you are not a member you may register by contacting Mark McCrary at MMcCrary@gosw.org.

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