The Resource Connector: First Phase of Pilot Program Concludes

We are excited to announce that The Resource Connector (TRC) generated over $600,000 in funding for nonprofits from throughout the state and in a variety of disciplines. Funders will continue to have access to this tool to identify and fund nonprofits in need. We knew going into this that TRC was a new concept that could shift the relationship between the nonprofit sector and our members and we are thrilled with the trust you put in us and TRC.

Now that the initial pilot phase has concluded, we wanted to let you know what the next steps look like.

First, you can still use The Resource Connector to explore nonprofits’ needs and provide funding for those that meet your funding guidelines. Enrollment for new nonprofit organizations closed on June 30th but all currently registered organizations can still be funded through The Resource Connector. Once we conclude a comprehensive examination of what has worked and where we can improve this tool we will reopen enrollment to nonprofits. More

Second, funder registration is still open and our members are able to use this resource to make funding decisions. We have heard from several foundations that it launched in between cycles and that they have committed to fund organizations when their next funding cycle occurs, while others who funded early are planning their second round. This is a tool to help you identify nonprofits within our region who have expressed immediate need and you will be able to support those needs.

Finally, we will be evaluating TRC over the next couple months to tweak reporting needs, add new features and expand search capabilities to help you easily access key information for your foundation. Expect us to reach out to you this summer for your feedback and input. Our goal is to make TRC a tool that makes seeking funding more efficient and supports your needs as funders. We are eager to partner with you on TRC to make it the best it can be and we welcome thoughtful feedback.

We want to thank those of you who registered and used The Resource Connector. Over a third of our membership took advantage of exploring and funding nonprofits through TRC. We want to, once again, thank The Collins Foundation and The Ford Family Foundation for their support of The Resource Connector’s next phase of development.