Get on the Map

In 2014, GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington partnered with Foundation Center to pilot a mapping tool that would enable users to find data on funding in our region. In early 2015, the Get On The Map! campaign went national through the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers.  To date, more than 25 regional associations are now participating in Get On The Map and have access to current data about giving in their regions through the Foundation Maps platform.  In addition, where relevant, this data also fuels over 15 subject-specific maps for affinity groups, such as  International Human Rights Funders Group, BMA Funders, Foundation Funding for US Democracy and Media Impact Funders. Access to these maps allows funders to know who is doing what and where the on the issues they care about most facilitating collaboration and more strategic grantmaking worldwide. 


But our work is not done.  At the end of 2015, GRANTMAKERS’ board of directors approved a new strategic vision for the organization.  Better data is a key element in helping us to collectively understand how we as a sector, are moving the needle against this vision.  Currently, about a third of GRANTMAKERS’ membership are sharing their data with the Foundation Center through eReporting.  Our goal is to get as many funders to participate.