The Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) is Transforming!

Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) is Transforming 

The Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) is now the Corporate Exchange, a program of GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington (GOSW.)  We loved seeing so many of you at the combined Summer Social and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events. We’re still figuring out details about the transition and plan to roll out our plan for our combined organizations at the end of the year. In the meantime, we wanted to answer some of the questions we’ve been getting.

Can I attend Corporate Exchange (formerly CVC)/ GOSW events between now and the end of the year?

Yes, you can. You are welcome to attend any GOSW event between now and the end of the year and just pay the member rate. If you’d like to register for a GOSW event as a Corporate Exchange (formerly CVC) member, reach out to to sign up. 

Will all the Corporate Exchange (formerly CVC)  meetings be combined with GOSW meetings?

We will continue to have quarterly meetings that focus on topics that are primarily relevant to corporations and businesses involved in corporate social responsibility. We are planning a corporate-focused session for late October or very early November. Stay tuned for details. In addition to the quarterly CSR focused events, you will also have the opportunity to attend other GOSW events. We are excited to increase access to opportunities for our members through the partnership with GOSW. 

What are the dues going to be?

We will be offering the ability for Corporate Exchange (formerly CVC) members to become individual associate members.  Companies will also have the ability to invest in a company membership that will allow more than one person from your company to attend events. We will be sharing additional information about dues in the late fall.

Who is working on the transition?

Your CVC Leadership Team, Michael Mathison (Nike), Annie Klug (Trailblazers) and Melissa Adelman (consultant) and Becky Blumer (consultant) have been working closely with Kendall Clawson (GOSW) on the transition.

Further Questions about GOSW?

Please feel free to contact Kendall Clawson, GOSW’s Executive Director, at or call her at 503 226-6340.