WRI Evaluation Virtual Release Event

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020, 10-11am | REGISTRATION

Join us for a virtual event to mark the official release of the Willamette River Initiative evaluation report. We’re thrilled to invite Steve Patty and Jessamyn Luiz from Dialogues in Action to share the findings of their in-depth investigation into the impact of the WRI, Meyer Memorial Trust’s funding program to improve the health of the Willamette River system that spanned over a decade and awarded close to $20 million in grants before concluding at the end of 2019.

Dialogues in Action conducted a quantitative survey and interviewed nearly 100 people who were connected to the WRI in some way, revealing a rich mine of data. The full report of what they found is ready to be shared, along with case studies that take a deeper dive into four areas where WRI was found to have the greatest impact: Funding, Within Our Reach, Collaboration, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Cohorts.

All told, this project gives us a lot to look back upon, celebrate, and learn from as the WRI’s legacy continues to live on in the networks of people and organizations committed to taking our river health movement further than ever before. After the presentation of findings, we’ll end with a conversation with Willamette River Network co-directors, Tana Atchley Culbertson and Jesse Cruz Richards.


  • Steve Patty, Principal Consultant, Dialogues in Action
  • Jessamyn Luiz, Associate Consultant, Dialogues in Action
  • Tana Actchley Culbertson, Director of Network Coordination, Willamette River Network
  • Jesse Cruz Richards, Director of Development and Policy, Willamette River Network
  • Allison Hensey, former WRI Program Director
  • Cristina Watson, former WRI Program Officer

Mary Rose Navarro