2016 Presidential Election Response

Dear Colleagues -

It is difficult to know how our country and our lives will be impacted by the 2016 ​presidential ​campaign and the election of Donald Trump.  Safe to say, there is also no one with an answer today.  The best we can do is to be in touch with one another, focus on our missions, and listen deeply to the voices of those who have felt they have no voice.  This is a time for us to come together as a community, acknowledge the divisions in our country, and work towards a more equitable and inclusive nation. 

As a starting place, please join us for the GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington Annual Meeting on November 18​ with Dr. ​john a. powell of the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society and the University of California, Berkeley.  Our conversation with Professor powell is one step toward advancing belonging for all members of society.  If you are unable to join us, please watch our website for access to a video of Dr. powell’s presentation.

Thank you for all you do to make our world a better place. 


Putting Racism on the Table now available on Soundcloud

The first three episodes of WRAG’s Putting Racism on the Table series are now available on Soundcloud, so you can listen while you work (or workout). The first episode, “Structural Racism,” features professor john a. powell, Director of the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, who will be speaking at our Annual Meeting. The second episode features Robin DiAngelo, Former Professor of Education and author of What Does it Mean to be White? Developing white racial literacy in a talk called “White Privilege.” The third podcast, “Implicit Bias,” features Julie Nelson, Director of the Government Alliance on Race & Equity, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society.

All of these talks come with Viewing Guides and Discussion Guides which WRAG published to help listeners get the most out of the learning. You can access them below, or get the full list at the Putting Racism on the Table portion of their website.

  • Structural Racism - Viewing Guide & Discussion Guide
  • White Privilege - Viewing Guide & Discussion Guide
  • Implicit Bias - Viewing Guide & Discussion Guide

  • Philanthropy’s Role in Justice & Reform

    By Joyce B. White, Executive Director

    Last month, GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington was asked to extend an invitation to funders, policy makers and civic leaders to attend a performance of Hands Up – seven monologues written by six Black men and one Black woman reflecting on the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and their experiences of being Black in America. Hands Up is a production of The New Black Fest and The August Wilson Red Door Project and received support from Meyer Memorial Trust and The Collins Foundation to offer a series of performances free of charge to the community. 

    The June 30th event for funders was attended by 200 individuals, including colleagues from Philanthropy Northwest.  The production is raw, passionate, powerful, challenging, transformative, healing.  You do not leave it in the theater – it follows you home, changes your thinking and your conversations – becomes something you want to share with those closest to you and with those you’ve yet to meet.  And it’s personal – you are drawn into the truths of the Black experience.  For those who recently experienced Hands Up, the synchronicity of the events of last week is hard to ignore. We can no longer look away.

    Alton Sterling was shot by police in Baton Rouge.  We watched the video.

    Philando Castile was shot and killed in his car, in front of his fiancée and her four-year-old daughter.  We watched the video.

    During a peaceful demonstration in Dallas, five police officers were killed and many more wounded.  We watched the video.

    In the days ahead there will be attempts to analyze, contextualize, understand, find meaning, assign blame or offer solutions. There will eloquent speakers calling for unity and reconciliation.  The voice of leaders will challenge all of us to do better.  There will be arguments for and against gun control. Protesters will call for the country to focus on the racial disparities that keep our country divided and our communities in fear of one another.  Racism is an American issue that we should all care about.  The cost of not caring could become what New York Times writer Jelani Cobb calls “open-source terrorism” – a future where we all lose.

    For the families and friends of the victims, this is a time for grief and mourning.  For the rest of us, this is not a time to remain silent.  Correcting the source of injustice is the work of generations - what is important is that we step up to the challenge now, standing in solidarity with those working for a more just and equitable world.
    Every movement begins with people, and those of us working in philanthropy have both privilege and power.  It is time for us to exercise our resources, our voices and our commitment to a just and fair society. 

    Our colleague, Sharon Gary-Smith, MRG Foundation, sent this link to a blog you will find helpful as you process all that has happened and as you think about what you can do to make a positive and meaningful contribution.

    The Role of Foundations In Addressing Inequality - Podcast


    The Stanford Social Innovation Review presents this podcast about philanthropy’s role in addressing inequality.  The podcast emphasizes the role of cultural narratives, Rob Reich moderates a discussion between Darren Walker (The Ford Foundation) and Craig Newmark (Craigslist, CraigConnects).


    Responding to West Virginia’s Flood Recovery

    In West Virginia, the immediate recovery to the horrific flooding is ongoing.  Philanthropy WV is working with numerous groups to connect to credible and statewide giving and volunteering opportunities for recovery efforts.  While needs are still be identified for long-term recovery, Philanthropy WV is hosting a webinar with local, state and national philanthropy, corporate and foundation leaders about ways to respond.  JOIN US on Tuesday, July 5th from 11 AM to 12 Noon for this webinar by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to register.

    If you are wanting to Give & Help out with #WV recovery, visit PhilanthropyWV’s resource page 
    On social media, use the hashtags #WVStrong #PutWV1st to share the message of helping and hope for West Virginia.

    Together We Can Help Orlando

    By Joyce B. White, Executive Director
    GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington

    A few short months ago, Oregon was rocked by the shootings at Umpqua Community College.  We lost our innocence as a state and took our place in the company of other communities and states who suffered senseless and horrific violence before us.  People across our region came together in a demonstration of solidarity and community – refusing to be defined by an act of violence.  The Ford Family Foundation has chronicled the story of Roseburg’s response in the latest edition of Community Vitality.  Monday we shared that resource with the Central Florida Foundation – the latest funder to assume a role no one wants.

    We join with our colleagues across the country in mourning the deaths of the 49 people killed in Orlando, an act of violence against race and LGBTQ identity.  We hold their families, friends and the Orlando community in our thoughts and in our hearts.  We support those who are working to recover and rebuild – and deny those who would who would use this atrocity to divide us.

    This weekend, as Portland celebrates Pride, our community can come together in solidarity, believing that the common good is inclusive of all people.  We can overlook differences and focus on our shared humanity.  We can look to a future when everyone feels safe and yes, even loved.

    Do your part today.  Let’s revive the practice of random acts of kindness and speaking out in support of those who work to end acts of violence and discrimination of any kind.  We invite our grantmaker community to reach out with your ideas for how the philanthropic community can work to break the cycle of violence, address disparities, and promote unity, and how GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington can play a role in creating a more equitable region, by contacting .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

    Survey Results from Building Bridges: Listen, Learn, Lead

    Building Bridges: 160 participants.  77 speakers. 3 days of listening, learning, and leading.

    THANK YOU to everyone who joined us at Seven Feathers for Building Bridges: Listen, Learn, Lead!

    We had a fabulous time and are excited to share our learning with our entire membership.  Our plenary speakers included Sherece Y. West-Scantlebury, Ph.D., of the Winthrop-Rockefeller Foundation, Vanessa Becker of the Umpqua Community College Board of Trustees, Meredith Bliss of CHART, Anne Kubisch of The Ford Family Foundation, Adam Davis of Oregon Humanities, Marselle Alexander-Ozinskas of S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation Stephen Bechtel Fund, Jane Wei-Skillern, Ph.D., of the Haas School of Business at U. C. Berkeley, David Sawyer of Converge for Impact, Doug Stamm of Meyer Memorial Trust, Cynthia Addams of The Collins Foundation, Sharon Gary-Smith of MRG Foundation, and Heather Peeler of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations.

    Attendees shared their experience on social media throughout the conference.  See their reactions here.

    The conference agenda and session materials are now available. Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information about the conference sessions and speakers.

    None of this would have been possible without our amazing conference supporters, who invest in the development of philanthropy in our region. Big thanks go to:
    The Ford Family Foundation
    Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation
    The Oregon Community Foundation
    Meyer Memorial Trust
    Cambia Health Foundation
    NW Natural
    Pacific Power Foundation
    The Reser Family Foundation
    The Standard
    Foundant Technologies
    Ferguson Wellman Capital Management
    The Collins Foundation
    PGE Foundation
    Kaiser Permanente Northwest
    Umpqua Bank
    Lora L. and Martin N. Kelley Family Foundation Trust
    and the Betsy Priddy Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation!

    Philanthropy Lessons: Value Beyond Dollars

    In this video from Exponent Philanthropy, the non-monetary value of philanthropy is the subject.

    To create the most impact, philanthropy must bring value beyond grant dollars. Funders have the opportunity to play important roles as mentors and conveners, supporters and motivators.

    38 percent of foundations provide technical assistance and 37 percent convene grantees or organizations in their funding areas, according to Exponent Philanthropy’s 2016 Foundation Operations and Management Report. 

    Funders Featured:

    • Coleman Foundation
    • Allegany Franciscan Ministries
    • Lawrence Welk Family Foundation
    • International Development Exchange (IDEX)
    • Arbor Brothers
    • The Siragusa Foundation

    Watch now, be inspired, and share your lessons learned.

    Navigating Big Data in the Philanthropic Sector

    Foundant Technologies is pleased to present the recording of their recent webinar, Navigating Big Data in the Philanthropic Sector. Foundant provides grants management solutions, and is a sponsoring partner of our 2016 Regional Conference on Philanthropy, Building Bridges: Listen, Learn, Lead.  Foundant will be presenting a special pre-conference session on May 18, which you can read about in the Conference Agenda.

    What’s New In Foundation Maps?

    Foundation Center has released the video from their recent webinar, What’s New In Foundation Maps?, so that our members can learn what exciting new changes are in store for them when they e-report.

    Click HERE to watch the recording.

    New Videos from Exponent’s Philanthropy Lessons series

    Exponent Philanthropy has been publishing a video series called Philanthropy Lessons.  Check out the latest videos, on Working Collaboratively and Risk Mistakes, here.


    Grantmaking Resources Available Through our Website

    Here at Grantmakers, we are constantly working to improve our delivery of grantmaking resources to our members. In the members-only section of our website, we have started an ongoing collection of links to videos and podcasts about grantmaking.  We also publish a list of newly acquired print resources on a monthly basis, as we are always updating our knowledge database.  Under “Access Resources,” select “Resource Library” from the dropdown menu, and use the navigation pane on the left to find what you need. Be sure to check back regularly for updates!

    Response to the Roseburg Tragedy

    We are deeply saddened by the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, on October 1, 2015. In the aftermath, individuals and organizations have reached out for advice on how to help the greater Roseburg community. Nonprofit and philanthropic organizations in Roseburg have been assisting from Day One. They have been assessing community needs and evaluating resources, so that they can coordinate support to a community that will need help in healing for many years.

    Making a monetary donation is the best way to make a difference. You or your organization can help provide immediate and long-term assistance to the victims, as well the broader community of Roseburg. Monetary donations are a flexible, fast and effective way to help others. Monetary donations allow for use for whatever is most urgent. Its impact can be felt quickly – it requires no waiting on shipping or coordinating logistics. It makes aid effective by supplying exactly what is needed at the right time.

    Our colleagues in Roseburg suggest that donations be made to the UCC Strong Victim Relief Fund, which is a coordinated effort between Umpqua Community College and the Greater Douglas United Way. These funds will be distributed to victims, families and those affected. The UCC Strong committee, which was developed with representatives from community organizations with ties to UCC, will oversee the distribution. Donate here.

    GRANTMAKERS are on the Map!

    Welcome to GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington’s Foundation Map where members can access accurate, up-to-date grantmaking data critical to giving that’s smart, strategic and makes the biggest impact.

    Access the map HERE or under Access Resources/GOSW Foundation Map.

    Check out a recorded demonstration of the powers of The Map!